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What are some of the technological frontiers for GIS advancement?

Er GIS en egenskab ved informationer i verden eller er verden fyldt med GIS? Er GIS noget abstrakt som man kan forholde sig til uden at koble til noget konkret? Hvad er GIS?

Is GIS a capacity of informations in the world or is the world filled with GIS? Is GIS something abstract that you can view on it's own without anything else? What is GIS?


Geospatial technology hasn’t been around for very long. This year marks the 40th anniversary for both ESRI and Intergraph, two of the prominent geospatial vendors. In this short time span, many technical hurdles have been addressed and overcome, and GIS continues to expand its adoption in both scientific disciplines as well as mainstream consumer applications. While much of the promise of the technology has been realized, there are still plenty of frontiers yet to be explored.

There is a certain level of maturity for geospatial technology development as many of the frontiers have been scoped and mapped. Ongoing research and development by academic, government and vendor researchers continues at a rather fast pace, but the technical hurdles of these frontiers are considerable. Even though the path to these achievements may still be difficult, it’s important to keep these ultimate goals in sight. Below are short descriptions of several frontiers, with some details on what might become possible if they’re cracked, and rudimentary explanations of the issues that need to be addressed. By no means is this list exhaustive, and comments and suggestions are welcome to round out the list for a more complete road map. [...]

  • 3D Integration
  • Temporal GIS
  • Real-Time GIS
  • The Semantic Web
  • Imagery Change Detection
  • Spatial Analysis


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