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Christmas is that special holiday for children and adults of all ages. And, at the North Pole, Ian is assigned the huge responsibility of taking care of that special place. He loves the challenge and soon findes himself asked to accompany Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve. Find out what happens on this fateful evening by reading this warm and wonderful story.

Eric Dana Hansen is a first generation Danish-American.  He was born in Philadelphia while his immigrant parents were on their way from Denmark to a new life in sunny California.  He grew up in Santa Maria, California and now resides in Reno, Nevada.

As a child, Eric easily accepted the fact that Santa’s Danish helper, “Julemanden” and his little “Nissemen,” lived in the northernmost part of Greenland, very close to the North Pole.  Since it is a province of Denmark, the Danes assume that this is where Santa and Mrs. Claus live as well. To Eric, this made a lot of sense.

Another thing that was quite acceptable to Eric was the way the Danes celebrated Christmas.  His parents brought this tradition with them to America. They celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve and he got to open his presents then, unlike most of his friends, who had to wait until Christmas morning!

When Eric became a father himself, he found that Santa Claus was very flexible and thus the Hansen family could celebrate both traditions – the Danish and the American!

Before becoming an author, Eric worked in the corporate world and experienced the difference between managing and leading.  He chose to lead and it greatly influenced his life and career.  This influence is reflected in “IAN, CEO, North Pole.”

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