fredag den 20. februar 2009

Google Chrome Supports Earth API Plugin

Det var også på tide ... En af de få dårlige kommentarer jeg havde til Chrome var denne mangel ...

About time ... One of the few bad things I had to say about Chrome was this issue ...


Google announced today that the Google Chrome browser now finally supports the Google Earth API plugin on Windows. This means you can load the growing list of Earth API applications such as EarthSwoopMonster Milktruck, and many other GE Plugin applications from the Google Chrome browser. You may need to update Chrome to get the latest version (mine seemed to update automatically). I've tested Chrome and the plugin out on a bunch of the applications including the one seen here: [...]

Monster Milktruck on Chrome

New! The Google Earth Plug-in is now supported on Google Chrome on Windows.

New! The Google Earth Plug-in is now available on Mac OS X (Intel and PowerPC).

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