torsdag den 19. februar 2009

ArcGIS Explorer at the 2009 ESRI Federal User Conference

Kartografi og data samlet ét sted ... upload og deling af data ... way to go ... Udvidet ArcGIS Online understøttelse for ArcGIS Explorer ...

Packing cartography and data ... upload and share data ... way to go ... Extended ArcGIS Online support for ArcGIS Explorer ...


ArcGIS Explorer 900, the forthcoming release of ArcGIS Explorer, was showcased a few hours ago during the opening plenary presentations at the 2009 ESRI Federal User Conference in Washington, D.C. ArcGIS Explorer was introduced by ESRI president Jack Dangermond with slides, and ArcGIS Explorer product manager Bern Szukalski showcased some of the new features and capabilities of Explorer, and how they're related to other new features that will be delivered with ArcGIS 9.3.1.

The context was set by demonstrating the new ArcGIS Online search that can be used to find GIS data. Bern started off by opening an ArcMap document missing some desired layers, then typing in keywords to search for and find needed data via ArcGIS Online. The data could be previewed, and then added to ArcMap from the search results with a single click. Shown below is the search page (on the right) and the search results (on the left). [...]

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