fredag den 13. februar 2009

Indian StretView using video streaming for driving directions

Hvorfor nøjes med still billeder når man kan få levende billeder? 

Why settle with still photos when video imagery is available?


Are you tired of asking driving directions....are you tired of locating a business....We are here to help you out. We are a Bangalore based startup on a mission to help people with providing driving directions and locating a business

We are proud to introduce unique and innovative navigation concept based on Video Maps. Video Map is a feature rich next generation navigable map built on a traditional digital map. Video Map is a video clip of the complete route between source and destination with rich features (business logos, background music, turn-by-turn audio overlay, road names etc.) embedded into it. Video Map is built of individual geo-tagged video segments.

Driving directions provided traditionally consist of digital map and turn by turn text directions. These directions are easy to follow provided all the streets are marked with clearly visible street nameplates, which is usually not the case in countries like India. This is where need for visual navigation aid arises and our Video Map product would address this space.
Video Map is meant not only for navigation but is also useful for locating businesses and exploring the streets, all sitting in front of your computer. We have surveyed a list of prominent businesses, points of interest with their accurate location and also captured their photographs. This information in turn is embedded right inside the video and also on the digital map. You can explore the streets i.e. virtually navigate through the streets, and find out what is where even before you step out of the door.

As part of the navigable solution, we provide the following - Video Map of the complete route, Digital Map with Route overlay, Image (Point-of-Interest and Decision-Points) integration and Landmark based Text directions. The Images are integrated both into Digital Map as well as Text directions. 

We are the first ones (not just India but 
World) to come up with a Video Map based solution for Road navigation and we at VidTeq are really proud of it. Our mission is to be the world's leading provider of Video Maps and our vision is to be the leader in road navigation for developing countries like India and Others. [...]

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  1. Sound is good Video Map. I want to see a video of Bangalore street map. Please provide me a link, where I can see a demo view.