torsdag den 26. februar 2009

SAP buys cloud computing startup Coghead

Fjern skyerne og køb dig til godt vejr ...

Remove the clouds and buy youself a sunny day ...


Yesterday morning, Network Computing reported that SAP is in the process of buying Coghead, a startup in the niche field of cloud computing. This indeed is a bad news for cloud computing: Coghead- a venture-backed, online application developmentplatform - is closing, leaving customers with a problem to solve.

However, there is a silver lining to this bad omen: SAP bought Coghead's intellectual property and hired its engineering team in an acquisition that closed last week. SAP will not continue selling the service, opting to use Coghead only as an internal tool for now (Coghead currently runs on Amazon Web Services), but the move marks the latest chapter in software company's on-and-off interest in the cloud. [...]

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