fredag den 13. februar 2009

The GIS Forum

Nyt forum som ser lovende ud. Lækkert sat op og med mange muligheder. Klart inspireret af sociale netværk ...

New forum looking very promising. Nicely designed and with a lot of things to do. Clearly inspired by the social networks around ...


Welcome to the GIS Forum!

Our goal here at The GIS Forum is to give GIS users a place to teach, learn, and explore the geospatial community in an interactive and social atmosphere.

Check on the latest happenings from around the net in our Community Mashup, participate in a discussion in the community Forum, connect with other users in our Groups section or share maps and files in our Media section - just be social!

Come explore, learn, and contribute today! As always, if there is a topic you wish to discuss that is not currently available, please contact us here or use the "Feedback" widget on the right-hand side bar to suggest something that you would like to see in the site.

Please keep in mind that this site is still a beta which means that we will be using your feedback to modify and enhance the layout and content groupings! 


The GIS Forum Team 

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