fredag den 20. februar 2009

Digital atlas awarded grant - Denmark

Et fantastisk initiativ. Der er så meget man kan gøre med GIS i forbindelse med arkæologi - man venter i spænding ...

A fantastic initiative. There are so much to be done with GIS and archaeology - I can't wait to see the result ...


An online digital archive detailing the changing geographical face of Denmark has received a mutli-million kroner grant

The National Archive has received a 15 million kroner grant from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation to create a digital atlas of Denmark, tracking data from the 1600s.

Trade publication Ingeniøren reports that the joint project, which includes the archives, the National Survey and Cadastre, and the University of Copenhagen, will map historical Danish data to provide a detailed tool for researchers.

The three-year project will create an internet-based GIS (geographic information system) map that will include a database of cultural, historical and geographical information.

Inge Bundsgaard, from the National Archives, said that the primary target group of the map will be researchers such as geographers, archaeologists and historians, but that the free service will also be made available to the public.

‘If you wanted to make a study of a property’s conditions in a specific time period, it would be possible with the digital atlas to find significant data from certain areas of the country during the 1700s,’ said Bundsgaard.

The archivist said that with the grant it would be possible to accumulate data from as far back as 1660, and while a number of similar services currently exist, this would be a system that would cover the entire country with a unique geo-code.

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