søndag den 22. februar 2009

Review of ESRI Federal User Conference

Grundig gennemgang af ESRI FedUC ...

Thorough review of this years ESRI FedUC ...


Stu Rich

Stu Rich

This week the PenBay team hit Washington DC in force for the ESRI Federal User Conference.  It was a great week, full of interesting conversations with interesting people.  The  presentations at the plenary were mind expanding.  We got a lot of traffic at our booth so we are encouraged that we may be able to hold a riding turn on business development in spite of the frightening economy.  Some of the highlights of the week for me include: 
  • During Jack’s plenary presentation, he updated the software road map and release schedule for the ESRI product suite.  Of significance, there will be a “9.3.1″ release scheduled for the May 2009 time frame.  The “9.4″ release will hopefully be in beta sometime in late summer.  From what I could read through the tea leaves, 9.3.1 seems to be focused on security and performance enhancements for ArcGIS Server.  The 9.4 release will be a significant release and will contain the major enhancements to 3D geometry that I have been hoping for.  ArcGIS Explorer build 900 is scheduled for release coincident with 9.3.1.
  • Bernie Szukalski demo on the plenary stage.  Bernie is one of my favorite people in the world just for openers.  He is a superb human being with a tremendous and very human imagination.  He is a magnificent story teller and gives as good a demo as anyone I have ever seen.  On Wednesday, Bernie was showing off the capabilities of the upcoming ArcGIS Explorer build 900.  It is a truly game-changing piece of work.  The whole interface has been reworked to make it much more usable.  (Hopefully stability and performance will have been addressed as well, but that is impossible to assess through a demo)  Some great new features have been added including a presentation feature that allows you to create powerpoint like map based presentations.  Another excellent addition includes the ability to create layer packages that package up data, cartography, spatial extents, etc. to send along to others.

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