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Announcing: Virtual Earth ASP.NET Control (CTP Release)

Så er det bare at komme igang ...

Just get to it!


Announcing: Virtual Earth ASP.NET Control (CTP Release)

At long last it is FINALLY HERE. I’ve been talking about this control for a long time. We’ll we finally have the CTP release of the new Virtual Earth ASP.NET control. ASP.NET developers can now integrate Microsoft Virtual Earth Maps simply by dragging and dropping an ASP.NET Server Control in Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer.

Integrating interactive, immersive maps no longer requires JavaScript, it can be done by ASP.NET developers simply. For smooth interactions this control can be combined with ASP.NET AJAX capabilities to provide the power of ASP.NET Serverside processing without the development overhead of coding JavaScript. I’ll provide all the relevant links here at the top but you should check at the bottom to make sure you have all the prerequisites.

Key Links

Read more: http://blogs.msdn.com/markbrown/archive/2008/07/27/announcing-virtual-earth-asp-net-control-ctp-release.aspx

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