lørdag den 26. juli 2008

ESRI UC 2008 Q&A

Resultatet af ESRIs UC konference Q&A er kommet.

The results of ESRIs UC conference Q&A is here.


We appreciate the strong response to our conference questionnaire. It's quite lengthy and we value the time you spent answering our questions. Your input gives us insight into your interests and the direction you would like us to take. We have already made a number of strategic decisions based on your comments and we will work aggressively to be both responsible and responsive to your suggestions. I urge you to read our responses to your questions before arriving at the conference.

Source: http://events.esri.com/uc/QandA/index.cfm?ConferenceID=85D7FF7F-1422-2413-199D382F1109DE0A#222

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