mandag den 28. juli 2008

Plenary to Showcase Geography in Action Today, The Future of GIS

Næste mandags program ved ESRIs internationale konference i San Diego

Next mondays program at the ESRI International Conference in San Diego


Plenary to Showcase Geography in Action Today, The Future of GIS

The 2008 ESRI UC promises to be the best to date, with this year's theme, GIS: Geography in Action, a major focus of the first day's activities. Featuring the latest innovations in ArcGIS 9.3, user successes, and a glimpse into the future of GIS, the Monday Plenary Session will provide you a rich learning experience.

ESRI President Jack Dangermond will host the day's events, starting with a welcome and a chance to introduce yourself to fellow attendees. One of the highlights every year is when Jack acknowledges many examples of users' work. Several user-focused awards, including the Making A Difference and President's Award, will be presented.

After celebrating the accomplishments of GIS users, the session will focus on Jack's vision for GIS in action. You'll see the latest advancements in ArcGIS 9.3 that will help make you more productive including new capabilities for connecting ArcGIS Desktop and Server to the GeoWeb.
The afternoon session will look toward the future of GIS, our profession, and our planet. Jack will be joined by ESRI staff to give you an exclusive glimpse into the future of ArcGIS. They will showcase the newest GIS research and development using the ESRI software and solutions suite.

The always amazing K-12 Education special presentation will feature the application of geography and GIS by today's youth. We'll honor both students and educators doing terrific GIS work in the classroom.

This year's keynote address will be given by renowned botanist, environmentalist, biodiversity expert, and director of the Missouri Botanical Garden, Dr. Peter Raven. Dr. Raven will discuss the significance of plant life and the environment in sustaining our world, as well as the threats ecosystems face today. Learn about the numerous threats, such as the destruction of natural habitats, over-consumption, and climate change, that are affecting biodiversity. Dr. Raven will also discuss how we can help preserve and improve our planet's sustainability.

The first day of the conference wraps up with the Map Gallery Opening and Welcome Reception, where you can view a myriad of examples of GIS users making a difference using geography in action. The reception begins immediately following the Plenary Session.


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