mandag den 28. juli 2008

Microsoft Moves Photosynth under Virtual Earth Team

Hvis ikke du allerede har set PhotoSynth så er det et 'must see'. Sammen med Virtual Earth kan det kun blive stort!

If you haven't yet seen PhotoSynth you got to - it's a 'must see'. Together with Virtual Earth it's gonna be Great!


Microsoft Moves Photosynth under Virtual Earth Team

From Chris Pendleton's Blog:

No longer is Photosynth just a Live Labs research project - it no(w) has full funding and backing from the Virtual Earth team. It helps that we get all of the people that worked on it too.

Recall that Photosynth can take a pile of photos of the same location/feature, "match" them up, and display the "photos in a reconstructed three-dimensional space, showing you how each one relates to the next." The general consensus, with which I agree: its closer to being a real world product. It's a good thing Chris mentioned this; the Photosynth blog's last post was Sept of last year! I guess they've been busy with other things.


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