mandag den 21. juli 2008

GIS.NET Mapping Component for .NET

Ser temmelig spændende ud. Sku' tage og prøve det en dag hvor solen ikke skinner - og det gør det ikke ret meget for tiden såååå ...

Looks quite neat. Maybe one should try it out on a day without so much sun - in DK that could be any day ...


GIS.NET Mapping Component for .NET

GIS.NET is a unique mapping product which provides the ability to render maps of anywhere on Earth, without requiring a connection to the Internet. Spatial information can be loaded from ESRI® shapefiles, MapInfo® MIF files, Google® KML files, Geographic Markup Language (GML) files, or generated from GPS data using GPS.NET. Our latest version of this component introduces support for "tilesets," a technology which can deliver high-quality rendered maps to both web sites as well as slow mobile devices. Tilesets work by rendering an image and then slicing it into several 256x256-pixel images. GIS.NET is designed for desktop and mobile applications which demand fast rendering, for mobile applications which cannot rely on a high-bandwidth connection to the Internet, and for developers who want to target multiple platforms. GIS.NET is already in use by several GIS companies around the globe, and delivers faster performance than any .NET mapping component in the market today.

Lightning-Fast ESRI® Shapefile Support, Plus Additional Formats

We've spent over a month focusing solely on map optimization; loading files, rendering the map, as well as searching. Version 3.0 can load an average of 600,000 points per second (Dual-core 3.19GHz system, 4GB RAM), and takes full advantage of multithreading to ensure map responsiveness as larger files are loaded. This release also provides full support for additional geographic file formats: MapInfo® MIF/MID, Google® KML, and Geographic Markup Language (GML)!


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