torsdag den 17. juli 2008


3D GIS? Virtual Reality? Du har sikkert selv oplevet eller hørt om nogen som har oplevet en et 3D show/film. Med nogle specielle briller på springer figurerne på skærmen ned i hovedet på en og man bliver inddraget i handlingen på en helt anderledes måde end gammeldags 2D. Det samme vil gøre sig gældende med GIS. Tag 3D briller på og kortet ville springe op i hovedet på dig. Orienter dig rundt i bymodeller og højdemodeller og ikke kun i såkaldt 3D som er 'fanget' på din 2D skærm.

Virtalis deltager ved dette års ESRI User Conference i San Diego. Jeg kan ikke vente og se GIS i VR 3D.

3D GIS? Virtual Reality? You yourself have possibly experienced it or you know some dude you have seen a 3D show / film. Using special 3D glasses the figures on screens jump right down your lap and you feel as if you were part it. The same will happen to GIS. Take on some 3D glasses and see the map jump right up into your face. Journey around the city or some mountainous terrain - not like old fashion 3D on a 2D screen but for real.

Vertalis participate in this years ESRI User Conference in San Diego. I cant wait to see GIS in VR 3D.



Virtalis is one of the world's leading Virtual Reality (VR) and advanced visualisation companies . Our systems and solutions offer the chance to really understand information and data, to interact with it and to foster communication between designers, manufacturers, trainers, marketeers and senior management. We help businesses and people across a variety of market sectors, ranging from the automotive, aerospace and construction industries to academics, engineers, retailers and the military. Our mission is to demonstrate that advanced visualisation, simulation and VR offer a valuable return on investment, providing an essential set of tools to improve the competitive position of our clients in the marketplace. People using our tools and techniques have generated proven tangible and intangible benefits whilst reducing risk - BAE, Leyland Trucks and Fiat/Elasis are excellent case studies for this.

Our multi-disciplinary approach and open systems policies guarantee the longevity of our customers investments. We form quality partnerships with customers whatever the type of work, from a feasibility study, to an in-depth technology review, a concept demonstrator or full visualisation systems. In addition, through a series of partnerships with other companies and selected suppliers, we are able to offer a much wider portfolio of practical and affordable business solutions.

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