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The Art of Map Making is Alive and Well

The Art of Map Making is Alive and Well: Springer Cartographics publishes the Cartography Design Annual #1

Crosswicks, NJ - July 18, 2008 - It has been suggested that with the popularity and ubiquity of online map service, the art and design of maps is waning. The Cartography Design Annual is a collection of maps from some of the top cartographers in the world which clearly shows that the craft of cartography is very much alive and well.

Compiled and edited by Nick Springer, the Cartography Design Annual collects a select group of maps published in the calendar year 2007. The maps cover a broad spectrum of cartographic styles: classic terrain maps, road maps, hand-illustrated maps, black & white maps, and many more. The Annual is published by Springer Cartographics LLC, with support from Avenza Systems Inc. The book, in full-color with an overview and detail view of each map, is beautiful as well as informative.

The annual was produced with overwhelming enthusiasm from the cartographic community. “We are delighted to help support this wonderful collection of maps,” said Ted Florence,

President of Avenza Systems. “The Cartography Design Annual is an excellent demonstration of what can be done with modern-day map-making software and we thank Nick Springer of Springer Cartographics for putting it together for all to enjoy,” he added.

The book contains 36 maps from cartographers in the United States, Canada, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and Australia. This is book #1 in what will be an annual series published by Springer Cartographics.

Mr. Springer is also the founder of, the most popular online community for
cartographers worldwide. “The idea for the Cartography Design Annual came from all the really beautiful maps that cartographers posted on,” said Mr. Springer. “I thought that everyone outside of our industry would appreciate the kinds of amazing maps being designed and published in any given year.”

Nick Springer is the Founder and President of Springer Cartographics LLC in Crosswicks, NJ and has worked for Microsoft Corporation as a Product Designer creating mapping applications. He studied Geography and Cartography at Syracuse University.

For more information about the book or to purchase a copy visit: To inquires about next year’s annual #2, email:

ISBN-13: 978-0-6152-2116-8


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