onsdag den 30. juli 2008

Near Real-Time Aerial Imagery

Når vi når ned på et nyt billede om dagen så rykker det ...

A photo a day? A bit scary though ...


The Ogle Earth blog has a small blurb from an ITWire article. Here is the blurb from Ogle Earth, quoting the ITWire article : "According to [Perth-based] Ipernica, "NearMap's technology enables very high resolution aerial photomaps with multiple angle views to be created at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions... For the first time, people will be able to see the environment change over time, as NearMap's online photomaps allow users to move back and forward month by month to see changes occur, such as the construction of a home or development of a new road. [And] with NearMap's revolutionary approach to high resolution photomaps, it has achieved its objective of a 20-fold operating cost reduction over current industry practices."

Source: http://technology.slashgeo.org/technology/08/07/24/1610222.shtml

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