tirsdag den 22. juli 2008

Google Earth Environment Guide - again

I en tidligere post nævnte jeg Google 'Miljø guide' hvor der præsenteres 5 forskellige visualiseringer af data vedr. vores miljø. Google Earth har taget sit første skridt fra main stream til mere seriøst brug.

In a previous post I mentioned Google Earth Enviroment Guide in which five different visualizations of enviromental data are shown. Google Earth seems to have taken it first step from main stream towards more serious business.


The free software from Google gives scientists a new world view

Smoke Out : Volcanic ash-prediction maps help planes steer clear of potentially deadly eruptions. Photo by Google Earth/University of Alaska
Side Step: Here and above, from different angles: As scientists flew into the growing storm, ground crews monitored real-time satellite images overlaid with the planned route [green] and actual track [red] of the DC-8. When lightning [yellow crosses] appeared in the plane’s path, the crews directed a move to the left to avoid danger. Photo by NASA/Tele Atlas/Terrametrics/Europa Technologies/Google Earth
Taking Heart: Graphs show people’s biological responses to a cityscape. Photo by Bluesky/Infoterra/The Geoinformation Group/Digital Globe/Google Earth
Thin Ice: The ice cap last September [left] and October [right], along with the past average ice cover in those months [pink outline] Photo by Arctic Region Supercomputing Center, University of Alaska–Fairbanks/Google Earth

Hot Zones: Lines on this map track how individual strains of the avian flu spread out from Southeast Asia. Photo by Daniel Janies et al./Ohio State University

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