mandag den 21. juli 2008

Linking to Virtual Earth

Et eksempel på en hurtig måde hvorpå man kan udvide og forøge værdien af ens egen applikation. I det nedenfor nævnte ekesempel er det ArcGIS Explorer, men det kunne lige så vel have været en Viewer baseret på Web ADF'et eller en hel anden platform.

This is an example of quickly value adding your application. Here is used the ArcGIS Explorer client but it could just as well have been an Web ADF produced viewer or it could have been something based on another development platform. Same idea.


(submitted by Jonathan Fiske, GIS Solutions Engineer, ESRI Charlotte)

Part of my job is to discover Web based content and services, mash them up, and then show these to others. Many of them don’t realize how easy these are to mashup in this Web 2.0 world. ArcGIS Explorer is a great platform for doing these kinds of things, and I have assembled collections of real time feeds, map views of organizational resources and emergency plans, and tasks that answer timely and relevant questions using Explorer. And sharing is as easy as exporting a result or saving a map.

I’ve recently discovered that ArcGIS Explorer’s result popups can bring more than just an HTML page to life on your map. Below is an example where I call Microsoft Virtual Earth’s API from the popup window when I click on the map to create a yellow map note. The popup window displays the Bird's Eye view of the location.

Why does this excite me? Well, just like the next person, I love to see my house in high resolution from 4 directions (that's not my house above!). But this content can also be used to visually add to more practical applications, and can be combined with other content and tasks in ArcGIS Explorer. By authoring this as a custom task I can create results that can be shared with others or included as part of my map, and I can also enable others to use the Bird's Eye view popup easily. Here's what my task UI looks like currently - just click on the map to create a VE result, then click the result to open its popup window to see the Bird's Eye view. [...]

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