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Using DNRGarmin to turn tracks into KML/ESRI-shape

Snart kan man ikke gå nogen steder uden at det også er tilgængeligt på Google Earth. Indtil videre kræver det heldigvis lidt arbejde fra din side inden det sker ;-)

Soon you won't be able to move around and not at the same time be visible real time on Google Earth. So far it does however require at bit of work before it happens ;-)


DNRGarmin is a free program developed by the Minnesota DNR to allow Garmin users to upload tracks, routs and waypoints from your unit and turn them into a variety of formats including ESRI shapefile, GPX, KML, DBF etc. If you like to view and save your tracks to look at on Google Earth, I can't think of an easier way. If you use ArcGIS applications and need shapefiles of your Garmin data, then this program is essential.

DNRGarmin GPS Application
Current Version: ArcView Extension: 5.2.33 VB Program: 5.3.2 ArcGIS Toolbar: 1.0.182 Build Date: 2/13/2008 Posted Date: 2/13/2008
Works With: Arcview Arcmap (9.x) Google Earth Landview ArcExplorer 2.0 (non-java version)

Purpose of this Program

This extension was built to provide users the ability to directly transfer data between Garmin GPS handheld receivers and various GIS software packages. Using this program a user can use point features (graphics or shapefile) and upload them to the GPS as Waypoints. Line and Polygon Graphics or shapes can be uploaded to the GPS as Track Logs or Routes. Conversely, Waypoints, Track Logs, and Routes collected using the GPS can be transferred directly to ArcView/ArcMap/Google Earth/Landview and saved as Graphics or Shapefiles.

This program has a real-time tracking mode that allows users to follow their progress on the ground within an ArcView View Document, ArcMap Data Frame, or Landview Map. This real-time track log can be saved as either points or lines as a set of graphics or in a shapefile.

See the DNR Garmin documentation for more information on Installation, What's New, and Frequently Asked Questions. Note: Full documentation for DNRGarmin can also be accessed from the Help menu inside the program.

Download Program

Full Setup of Version 5.3.2 for NT/2000/XP (11.5 MB) -- Compatible with ArcGIS 9.x (not 8.x), Arcview 3.x, ArcExplorer 2.0 (non-Java), Landview 4.3, Google Earth. Note: USB CONNECTIVITY NOW WORKS.

Full Setup of Version 5.1.1 for NT/2000/XP (10 MB) -- Compatible with ArcGIS 8.x (not 9.x)

Updated Projection Files (all versions) (75 KB) - Unzip and place contents in "/program files/dnrgarmin/proj/nad"

View the DNR No-Cost Software Distribution License Agreement


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