onsdag den 30. juli 2008

The unexpected surprise...

Er det lys for enden af tunnelen eller er det et modkørende tog?
Lyder næsten for godt til at være sandt. Vores IMS er meget snart historie så lad os krydse fingre for at fremtiden ser mere lys ud ...

Is there light at the end of the tunnel or is just another train coming your way?
Sounds too good to be true. Our IMS is soon to be history - crossing fingers that we are heading for a brighter future ...


The unexpected surprise...

Posted At : 12:09 PM Posted By : JasonRelated Categories: ArcGIS JS API, ArcGIS General

I hadn't counted on this.

For you ArcIMS veterans, you know that it can be very, er, temperamental at times. If you are responsible for a high volume site, you dont just know it, you live it. You've written scripts to start and stop it. You've written scripts to ping your mapserver. You can refresh your services via the cmd line. You have full logging on more than you'd like too. Heck we have a utility that we wrote to send us a text message if a service comes back as unresponsive.

I really wasnt looking forward to the management of a production ArcGIS server. We have been using it since its inception at version 9, and have always found it to be temperamental as well.

However, with the advent of the REST api (plus its Javascript wrapper), and the extensive use of tile caching, we have found an most unexpected benefit. ArcGIS Server, when utilizing REST & JS, is very easy to manage. No more corrupted sez files. No more runaway aimserver.exe's. Strange. I'm not used to it yet.

Of course, there are some obvious reasons for this - which I would say is mainly due to heavy use of caches and client side code. Granted, these apps are simple in comparison (lets say vs a heavy duty ArcIMS site). My hope is that as these new API's continue to evolve and our apps increase in complexity, that the management of the server remains to be straightforward as it is now.

Source: http://www.roktech.net/devblog/index.cfm/2008/7/8/The-unexpected-surprise

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