lørdag den 19. juli 2008

Ring Maps

Kombinationen af kort og tabulær data. Ikke altid lige til hvis man vil vise det samtidigt så det både er læsbart og informativt. Der udover må det også gerne se pænt ud.

The combination of the map and associated data is not always easy if you want to show both together and still keep readable and informative. Add to this the ability to look good too.


Document files, tables, and charts can summarize complex data, but they can be hard to read and interpret. However, a GIS-based map known as a ring map can help overcome this problem for location-specific data.A ring map is a map surrounded by a set of concentric, segmented rings that can be circular or elliptical in shape. Each ring displays an additional dimension (e.g., temporal) of data that represents an attribute of a particular location. Thus, the ring map shows more than geographic positions; it creates infographics that can organize and display several types of data organized using the simplicity and clarity of a map.

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