tirsdag den 22. juli 2008

TrackEye : Real-Time Tracking Of Human Eyes Using a Webcam

Hvad siger du til at styre dit kort ved at kikke på det? Dobbelt blink og du zoomer ...

What about this? Controlling your map just by looking at it? Dobbelt blink and you zoom ...


Eyes are the most important features of the human face. So effective usage of eye movements as a communication technique in user-to-computer interfaces can find place in various application areas.

Eye tracking and the information provided by the eye features have the potential to become an interesting way of communicating with a computer in a human-computer interaction (HCI) system. So with this motivation, designing a real-time eye feature tracking software is the aim of this project.

The purpose of the project is to implement a real-time eye-feature tracker with the following capabilities:
  • RealTime face tracking with scale and rotation invariance
  • Tracking the eye areas individually
  • Tracking eye features
  • Eye gaze direction finding
  • Remote controlling using eye movements
Download executable - 2.51 MB
Download source code - 199.24 KB

Source: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/cpp/TrackEye.aspx

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