mandag den 21. juli 2008

Cloud computing

Nyt buzz word (for mig) - tænkte at jeg hellere måtte slå det op ... Har selv brugt Google App Engine så det viste sig blot at være endnu et eksempel på, at man hører om et eller andet nyt, og så er det ikke så nyt endda.

New buzz word (for me at least) - thought I'd better look it up ... I've been using Google App Engine for a while which by definition apparently is an example of Cloud Computing. Yet another example of something new which is not new after all.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cloud computing refers to computing resources being accessed which are typically owned and operated by a third-party provider on a consolidated basis in Data Center locations. Consumers of cloud computing services purchase computing capacity on-demand and are not generally concerned with the underlying technologies used to achieve the increase in server capability.

There are however increasing options for developers that allow for platform services in the cloud where developers do care about the underlying technology.

The applications of cloud/utility computing models are expanding rapidly as connectivity costs fall, and as computing hardware becomes more efficient at operating at scale. The economic incentives to share hardware among multiple users are increasing; the drawbacks in performance and interactive response that used to discourage remote and distributed computing solutions are being greatly reduced.

As a result, the services that can be delivered from the cloud have expanded past web applications to include storage, raw computing, or access to any number of specialized services.

The term cloud computing derives from the common depiction in most technology architecture diagrams, of the Internet or IP availability, using an illustration of a cloud. Cloud computing gained attention in 2007 as it became a popular solution to the problem of horizontal scalability.


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